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DMX Controller 240A

Packaging:Carton. If you want to pack by flight case, you should buy the flight case additional.
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Product description:
The DMX 240A is a universal intelligent lighting controller. It allows the control of 12 fixtures composed of 16 channels each and up to 240 programmable scenes. Six chase banks can contain up to 240 steps composed of the saved scenes and in any order. Programs can be triggered by music, midi, automatically or manually. All chases can be executed at the same time.
On the surface you will find various programming tools such as 8 universal channel sliders, a wheel and LED display indicators for easier navigation of controls and menu functions. You can control the pan and tilt of different intelligent lighting fixtures using the dame wheel at the same time by means of a programmable wheel.
This wheel allows the user to assign individual pan and tilt channels for every fixtures.

Product Features:
1. Universal DMX-512 Controller
2. Controls 12 intelligent lights of up to 16 channels
3. 30 banks of 8 scenes, 240 scenes total
4. 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes
5. Execute multiple chases simultaneously
6. Re-assignable channels
7. wheel assignable Pan/Tilt and 16 bit control
8. Beat-activation, tap sync, auto run
9. Grab any fixture on the fly
10. Polarity selector
11. Midi compatible
> DMX Controller 240A simple instruction download
> DMX Controller 240A user manual download

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