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Why LED high bay light is widely used in plant lighting

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Plant as "hematopoietic base" is very important, it tends to assume the production tasks of the day and night operation, so the lighting is particularly important for plant. Lisida photoelectric company can according to customer needs, to provide high quality lighting products at the same time, for the customer to design the appropriate lighting scheme, "everything is for the sake of customers" is always lisida to their peak demand.
LED high bay light, the appearance of strong, the general wearing aluminum alloy shell, dressed in high efficiency lens do cover, leaving people pro-gaze is the heart of it is eye-catching - using high bright white light led as light source. Cooling using copper thermal conductivity plus aluminum alloy strip cooling, natural ventilation, the effect is more perfect. At the same time, lisida photoelectric company LED high bay light to combine the different needs of customers change shape.

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