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What Is Wall Washer

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Wall washer is literally confused to follow at the first, but when explained, it does kind of make sense. Wall washer, or just wallwasher, is a lighting equipment which shoot lights on the surface of walls, just like water or rain wash over the walls, that's the reason it gets its name. In order to reach that effect, it is obvious that all forms of wall washers are like rectangle bar. And in most areas of China, many people call it line lamp because of its appearance. The major purpose of this electric lighting device is to illuminate indoor and outdoor architecture or signs.

Nowadays, because of the spectacular development of LED technology(Light-emitting diode), LED light becomes the most popular and widely used light sources for wallwashers and other lighting equipment. LED washers are more electric power save, survive longer , amazing colors and high lighting effect than other light sources.

Some Fundamental Parameters

Arrangement: mostly linear
Material: lamp body is pure aluminium
Common Powers: 9W, 12W, 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W
Single LED bulb: 1W high power LED
Radiator: one shared radiator, the total power should not too much high otherwise lights fade.
Level of Protection(IP): IP65, the six is for dust proof and five is for waterproof.
Colors: mostly there are three types, seven colors, full colors, and single color.
Color Temperature: from 2200K to 7000K, amber, warm white, cold white, white, blue, green, red, UV color.
Beam Angle: narrow spot, middle spot, wide/flood spot, from 20 degree to 120 degree, and the lower degree is the longer projection distance.
Light projection distance: 20m - 50m
Optical Lens: UV protection, high pervious to light 98-99%.
Available Control: wireless DMX control

What would we use wall wash for?

There are loads of scenes we can apply the LED wall wash lights for, like,
Buildings: enterprise building, building outside walls, historical building,
cultural building, museums, galleries, landmark, villa, etc.
Outdoor: piazza, square, etc.
Entertainment place: hall, bar, ballroom, hotel, mall, etc.
Others: subway, overpass, exhibition, advertising board, plant landscape.

What would it be like in the future?

Washer would be more thinner and thinner in size, LED price would be more cheaper than now.

If you find any mistake in this article, please feel free to let me know, I will correct it in time.


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