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​The development prospects of the mainland State LED

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LED doomed its huge market will develop into a huge industry. Overall, the domestic industry in terms of size has been unsatisfactory, the typical case is the integrated circuit industry and the LCD panel industry, the domestic IC industry is now tail between its people, LCD panel industry is riddled with illness, technology complex, large investment and a weak infrastructure is the main reason, while the LED industry will break the curse, and can bring about the upgrading of industries, such as the domestic industry in LCD driver chips simply do not drive, because the LCD panel industry out of the country, support because of huge market, LED Driver IC is expected to flourish in the country to promote domestic enterprises bigger and stronger, which in turn will promote the domestic LCD driver chip or other chip-driven development.

We believe that the LED industry in China has good prospects for development, based on the following points: First, in terms of the technology, LED technology has the bottleneck of high growth, low-threshold characteristics of the study, the domestic long-term accumulation in the semiconductor field of research resources can be useful with a good basis for further study. Although the manufacturing of integrated circuits based on weak, relatively low technological level, but some domestic enterprises to join overseas technical personnel, continue to make breakthroughs in technology, technological level of domestic enterprises with good companies with the technological level of Taiwan or less the same as with international companies as a whole has been narrowing the gap; Second, LED invested relatively small initial investment will be 100 million plant, the domestic enterprises to enter the threshold of the low, easy to achieve a rolling development and manufacture of integrated circuits and liquid crystal panel manufacturers easily to tens of billions of billions of yuan in investment it is "insignificant" easier access to the domestic enterprises to form industrial clusters, of course, may also lead to vicious competition and to a certain stage of development of market integration; Third, the domestic market great, LED market is the next major general lighting market, the market capacity, end-consumer market, scattered and difficult to form a monopoly, a vast living space of domestic enterprises; Fourth, some companies have a core of intellectual property rights, such as crystalline silicon photovoltaic substrate can GaN-ray projects, Dalian Road, the area of the United States and the core of the chip technology, has global competitiveness of these enterprises on technology development in the demonstration effect easy to form and promote the healthy growth of the domestic business market; five, after maturity of the technology, LED downstream packaging and devices are labor-intensive production, the development of the mainland with the labor cost advantage.

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