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Longman 2016 Expectation

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For 2015, it was a hard year for lighting industry of China, many companies have suffered from the gloomy period of low benefits and business chances. For longman, we did fine last year, we have a little sales improvements, but we also know that's not enough.

Alighting.cn news has interviewed a lot of professional industry people about what they will expect for the new year 2016, all of them were sharing their own company's goals and expectations. Our technology manager Becken Han was also interviewed, and he said:"In the coming 2016, we should keep digging on our original thoughts and achievements. We will continue to develop our wish on helping building more beautiful China through theatrical architecture and landscape lighting, bring out more quality lighting instruments with nature and culture meaning in order to help stage designers for more amazing stage effects. We will continue to make our contributions to connect reality and theory on lighting, for providing foundation support of better future special lighting equipment. Meanwhile, we hope we can crack our way into international business, under the name of nature which is our products' principle, and do our best efforts to gain more advantageous development in multiple international culture environments."

I believe not only we longman people wish for better year profits, but also it's the same wish we all share.

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