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LED:how to install power supply

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First step: calculate the total power module, the LED switches to configure the appropriate power supply (80% power output configurations). Total = number of modules x module power consumption power consumption such as 300 three lights 3528 SMD LED module, the rated power is 300x0.25=75W

Second step: fix the module. module fixed mode: 1. preliminary fixed plastic shell back double sided adhesive, then fixe with glass glue. 2. use glass glue directly fix; module surfaces should be wiped clean before installation or proper sanding, make sure the contact surfaces clean. 3. the plastic shell should with screws at the bottom.

Third step: connect the power supply after all modules installed, use 0.75mm or 18AWG wire connected to the power supply. Distance between power supply and modules should be 5 meters or less. If a larger font size, without affecting the module heat sink case, power supply can be built inside.

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