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Application of LED landscape lighting

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Apart from the mercury-fee LED light source, saving energy, materials, environmental non-electromagnetic interference, non-harmful rays five avantages.Such as:low-voltage power supply-no high-pressure areas, in order to insulation costs much less, high reliability annex simple-no starter, Non-carbonated, non-glass case, no gas sealing problems, impact resistance;controllable good-fast response time (miscrosecond order of magnitude) can be repeated frequently-out, basically inert, will not be tired;color Chunhou -- plus three primary colors of digital technology, evolution of arbitray color;ligh structure - wood, cost-saving;lamps on strength and stiffness requirements of very low.

The compact size of the LED lamps can be seen as the LED cells, only the smallest LED mm2 order of magnitude or less;flexible good-LED light source of the compact, LED can adapt to all kinds of different size and geometry of space size th decorative lighting requirement, such as:point, line, surface, the ball, different forms, and any forms, and any form of art lighting sculpture;visible, LED is worthy of a green lighting of th 21st century proud.

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