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Last update date: December 21, 2015

Here is longman's terms of use, you should read through these terms listed below before you start to completely use our website, products and other services. If you use our website, then it means you consent with our privacy policy, terms and other specifical rules. This is for clear legal reasons.

Copy Rights of Longman's Website

Longman stage lighting own all the copy rights on this website, such as files, web pages, images, videos and any other kinds of forms of medias. It is not allowed and illegal for any stealing, misusing and capturing for business purpose, if any situation happened as listed above, we will certainly seek for legal advise and take moves to protect our own benefits, our customers and partners's also. You should notice, it's fine to share our products and pictures on social medias. If you have special needs, you could first try to specify your true intentions and ask for our permissions.

Longman Stage Lighting Products

About our products, we are committed to produce and research the best lighting equipment in the market. Our products are belong to electrical appliance and lighting category, it is a little complicated and high tech products which is highly recommended to be used by lighting experts and engineers on this area. We provide stage lighting rental business for urgent needs, otherwise if you have orders of large unites, it may takes some time to produce, and satisfy your need, so if you are in charge of lighting part of a whole event, start consulting us earlier would be a nice choice.

The Limitation of Liability

We are trying to be a great lighting manufacturer and seller in China, we highly value our own brand, reputation, our customers' and peers' evaluations. We promise the best, but there are some things that are not our faults if happen to someone. Within the maintain duration, we promise to help our clients to maintain the broken or not working well products they bought from us, but if they are damaged artificially or exceed our maximum maintain service time, we are not responsible for any further actions. By using our electric products, you should be aware of the danger of accessing electricity, it is not legal and logical to blame us for your mistakenly operating. We treat our customers nicely, but we do not tolerate any kinds of deceiving, fraud and unreasonable demands.

About Terms Update and Termination

We reserve the final rights to create, update, change and terminate our own terms of use, any changes are instantly effect. Normally we don't renew these terms often, but if something new is coming, we will inform our customers immediately by sending emails and maybe put notice bar on the top of website. If we have to terminate our services, we will give our users advanced notice and guarantee their benefits would not be harmed.

If you have any questions about our terms, please feel free to contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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