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Last update date: December 21, 2015

Here is the privacy policy of longman stage lighting company, read through if you interest to know more about our policies which are concerned to you(aka website users and our dear customers).

We Collect Some Data From You And Why

You should know, when you visit any website pages, there are data created no matter what. Those data, most of them are useful, rest are not important or just technical. Longman collects some of them for better user experiences and interactions. So what information do we gather?

Your Registered Account Information. When you are interesting in doing business with us and become our customers, first you need to create an personal account, that would require you filling in some of your personal information, such as first and last name, your email, your shipping addresses and stuff. Those data are required because of we need to know so that we can make deals with you.

Website Statistical Data. We use Google Analytic to collect these such things to learn from our customers and visitors on general information for improving out website's performance and availability, which we can provide better products and services for the future. Those data include SEO data, keyword searches, page use ratio, user experience and UI feedback, etc.

We Promise to Keep Your Information Safely

We store our customers' personal information, like emails, phones and payments, in a secure and reliable hosting. We would never reveal those top-level classified data intentionally, we make our best efforts to make them stay put. We promise not to abuse, spam or misuse your information.

How We Use Your Emails

If you register our website and then become a member of us, or you subscribe for our website and blogs, then we have your email. We would only use your emails to make contacts with you for updated information, conversations, after-sales services, proper product promotions, and policy renewal. Please don't worry, we won't spam your email and bother you, we will keep sending emails in a acceptable frequency.

You Share With Us

We encourage our customers giving feedback, reviews, comments and photos of real effects on how our lighting products work in their stages or events. With your consent, we would put those photos on our website and social medias as demonstration and prove of longman brand's expertise and profession on stage lighting field.

About Policy Update

We reserve all rights to enact, update, change our policy. Normally we don't change this page often, but if we do update our policy, we will inform you the new version through side wide prompt on the very top of fold, and send you a notice email in due course. If anything is highly concerned about you, we will specially indicate it to you. Please keep it in mind, our privacy policy would never do any hassle to our customers and visitors.

If you have any question about these policies, please feel free to contact and consult us, we will always give you clear answers.

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