Parco 4UP, Led par light, stage light



Parco 4UP is made by 36 pcs of 10w RGBW 4-in-1 leds. It create super brightness for big event and TV center application. Its brightness is equal to wash light with 1200w gas discharge bulb(except white color).
The white led inside can creats different color temperatures of colors with RGB together, from 3000k warm color to 6500k cold color.

The 4-in-1 tec provides better color mixing cause 4 led chips are fixed inside one LED. It is a perfect choice for stage wash effect.

Light source
 · High power 36 pcs of 10w 4-in-1 RGBW Leds.
 · Average life: over 30000 hours.
 · Lens:  25°, 45°, optional  25°=middle beam, 45°=wide beam 


·  Super high light output, made by 10w 4-in-1 LEDs.
· RGBW color mixing, can make all kinds of warm colors, such as warm red, warm green,
   warm blue,  warm white, etc, Excellent Saturation for RGB single color.
· Water proof IP 65, with die cast aluminum housing
· Flicker Free, by stable software and power supply, good for video shooting.
· Strict evenness of chromaticity distribution.
· Strict smoothness of Lux transition, no mottle mark, no visible correlated-dark speck.


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